Internal Transfer

Revenu Trade will transfer money to your trading account the moment it receives the fund and you can start trading instantly

Revenu Trade clients have an opportunity to transfer their funds between all types of trading accounts without any commission within one Members Area. Internal transfers between accounts with different base currencies (USD, EUR) are performed by converting the clients’ funds into the currency of the receiving account according to the Company's internal exchange rates.


Instructions how to make internal transfers between trading accounts.

  • To transfer funds between Revenu Trade trading accounts, login to your Members Area and choose "Internal Transfer" section.
  • Make a request by specifying: the account password, the sum to be transferred, the receiving account number. And then click on "Transfer Funds".
  • You will receive an E-mail with the code to confirm your request.
  • In order to continue, enter the code and click on "Confirm".
  • In the "Information about request" section, the status of your request will be changed to "Executed", thus meaning that your transfer has been made successfully.

Internal transfers limitations

  • You can transfer the funds from the account, which was deposited via bankcard or SMS, not earlier than 30 days after the deposit date.
  • Internal transfers between the account in the CopyFX system are made in the Offer’s options.
  • If your trading account has "Deposit Bonus", you are allowed to transfer only the profit received as a result of the transactions involving the bonus funds. If you want to withdraw all available funds, you have to reject the bonus first.